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Manufacturing and Products

Dynamic Diesel Repair, Inc. manufactures and fabricates Manhole handlers,
Stand pipes, Auto Valves, Portable Ponds, EZ Screed and Master Blasters.

Please see below for pictures, videos and descriptions.

Manhole Handlers


10" Stand Pipe

Auto Valves are sold exclusively through Dynamic Diesel Repair, Inc.


Dynamic Diesel Repair, Inc. Manufactures Portable Ponds


                           1. Portable Ponds hold up to 16,000 gallons of water and delivers 4,000 gallons/min.
                           2. Portable Ponds are remote controlled by operator who never has to leave their equipment.
                           3. Portable Ponds have a 6ft x 8ft secure compartment which reduces the loss of water due to vandalism or theft. 
                           4. Portable Ponds can be joined together for greater volume if needed.

Introducing EZ Screed
 developed and manufactured only by Dynamic Diesel Repair, Inc.
Makes pouring channel concrete a breeze.

Channel Concrete pouring made easy:


 1. Sets up quick and is able to hydraulically winch hydraulic roller up and down slopes    
     with adjustable rotation speed and travel speed independently.

2.  Each end powered separately for better speed and slope control.

3.  Roller speed can be adjusted for more cream to the top.   

4.  Travel speed adjusted for changes in slump.                 

                                                  Click videos below to see EZ Screed in action!
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Dynamic Diesel Repair, Inc. engineered and manufactures the MASTER BLASTER.


   1.  Can be set up in 10 minutes

   2.  Sand blasts all size manholes automatically

   3.  NO Men in the hole = No confined air equipment


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